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Interest Owners

At Vine, building and maintaining strong relationships with our Interest Owners is a top priority. We understand that you may have questions from time to time and we are committed to replying as quickly and effectively as possible. Good communication is essential in our business and our Owner Relations team will always strive to provide timely assistance in an accurate manner.

Vine Energy, Inc is the new parent company of Vine Oil & Gas and Brix Oil & Gas. However, you can continue to use the same information to contact Owner Relations if you have any questions about your account.

If your lease is with Vine Oil & Gas:

If your lease is with Brix Oil & Gas:

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be affected by the merger of Vine Oil & Gas and Brix Oil & Gas?

The merger will not affect your mineral interest. If your lease is with Vine Oil & Gas or Brix Oil & Gas, that will not change today, and you will continue to receive royalty payments from the same entity on the same monthly schedule.

Who do I contact at Vine if I have questions about my royalty checks?

If your lease is with Vine Oil & Gas, please call us toll free at (855) 978-6530 or email us at vine@ownerrelationssupport.com. If your lease is with Brix Oil & Gas, please call us at (844) 293-7878 or email us at brix@ownerrelationssupport.com. Our team will make every effort to return your phone call or email within two business days.

How can I change my address?

All address changes must be submitted in writing. You can download the “Change of Address” form located at the top of this page depending on which company leases your minerals. Once completed, please send to the mailing address or email noted within the respective form. Please allow up to 30 days to update in our system. We appreciate your patience. Feel free to contact us at any time to check the status of your request.

Can I enroll in direct deposit?

Yes, our direct deposit request form can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page, depending on which company leases your minerals. If there are multiple names on your account, all parties MUST sign the form or your request will be denied. Please attach a voided check or letter from your bank to ensure accuracy and facilitate the processing of your request. Please allow 30-60 days to complete your request.

How do I change or transfer ownership?

Depending upon your situation, different documents may be requested to complete your transfer of interest. A few examples are below:

Interest Owner is Deceased – In all cases, we will need a copy of the death certificate and W9 IRS forms for each of the new owners.

If the owner had a will and the will was probated, we will need a copy of the Judgement of Possession that has been filed in the county/parish where the property is located. If the owner did not have a will or it will not be probated, an affidavit of heirship completed by a dis-interested third party may be sufficient to transfer the interest. If questions arise regarding the affidavit of heirship, we may need to request additional documentation.

Interest Owner has conveyed his/her interest – We will need a copy of the conveyance document recorded in the parish that the property is located and W9s for the new owner(s). If your situation does not fall into either of these categories, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

When are royalty checks mailed?

Royalty checks are typically mailed around the 25th of each month.

I’m interested in leasing or selling my interest, who do I contact?

If you would like to discuss selling or leasing your interest, please contact Owner Relations at (855) 978-6530. We will make sure your call is properly directed and we look forward to assisting you.

When can I expect my 1099?

1099s for 2020 were mailed in late January 2021. Contact us right away if you have not received it by now.