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Above All, Safety Matters Most

We are committed to operating in a manner that protects the welfare of our people, the environment, wildlife and the local communities that surround us. Every operational decision we make hinges on safety, and this principle is at the core of our values framework.

Our Commitment to Well-Being: Success in Safety

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We maintain an unwavering pledge to a safety-first culture. It begins first by vetting our contractors to ensure they meet our strict standards. Through the utilization of a technology solution with a third-party Vine partner, we are able to access health and safety data in order to score contractors and compare them against a peer set to help us select the contractors that meet our criteria.

We then invest time upfront to ensure all personnel that enter a field work location undergo a site orientation to ensure compliance with environmental, health and safety expectations, and they are required to participate in related in-service meetings periodically thereafter. We monitor job sites to ensure compliance with all safety protocols. We strongly encourage anyone to report suspect practices or violations of company policies without fear of retaliation. When it comes to safety, we don't just say it, we mean it.

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Safety by the Numbers

Vine strives to maintain one of the lowest incident rates in the industry. In 2020, our employees and contractors logged over 5 million hours in the field, and the lost-time incident rate was .09 per 200,000 manhours worked, the lowest in Vine’s history, compared to .47 in 2019.

Our Commitment to the Environment

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We are focused on producing clean, affordable and reliable energy while minimizing our footprint as much as possible. We accomplish this through prudent strategies such as:

  • drilling wells from common pad sites
  • employing a fleet of bi-fuel drilling rigs
  • converting to zero-bleed control valves
  • utilizing 100% non-potable water used in all operations
  • utilizing 100% green completions
  • generating 100% of wellsite electricity with solar power

We proudly produce 100% natural gas, which is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and it’s abundant in North America. Compared to coal, utilizing natural gas for electric power generation is more efficient and produces half the carbon dioxide emissions and less than 10% of the airborne contaminants, and this is significant as the globe strives to reverse the impacts of greenhouse emissions.

Our focus on environmental stewardship, joined with the intrinsic benefits of producing 100% natural gas, manifests vividly in our emissions performance. Since 2017, we’ve grown production to 1 Bcf per day while concurrently reducing emissions (CO2e/Bcf) by 35% and our methane intensity from .072% to .049%, half that of the production sector. For more details on what we’re doing to protect our natural resources, refer to our ESG report at the bottom of this page.

Project Canary

In August 2021, Vine executed an agreement with Project Canary, the standard for trusted Environmental, Social and Governance data, in which Vine is expected to become the first in the Haynesville Basin to certify 100% of our assets and gain access to certified, responsibly sourced gas (RSG) markets. The certification process is expected to commence in November 2021 when Project Canary will begin its TrustWellTM operational certification review of all Vine's producing wells. Additionally, Project Canary will deploy "Canary X" continuous emissions monitoring devices across locations representing 25-30% of Vine's natural gas production which will target domestic and international RSG markets.

In our short history, we are extremely pleased with our EH&S performance. Nevertheless, we continually develop innovative methods to stem emissions and reduce occupational risks with the goal of having zero incidents. Our employees are mindful of our safety objective and fully align with and embrace the company’s vision to uphold our most valued tenet: Above All, Safety Matters Most.

Our Commitment to the Community

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Being a good neighbor extends beyond environmental stewardship. We believe in supporting our local communities through volunteerism and financial gifts. This year, the Vine Cares program will contribute time and money to local health, humanitarian and education organizations in North Louisiana and Collin County, Texas to assist those in need. To learn more about Vine’s philanthropy, visit the Vine Cares page.

Environmental, Social & Governance Report